Ricoma R550 White Toner Transfer Printer Review 2022

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The most common names when it comes to printers, especially sublimation printers, are either Epson or Sawgrass. However, if you have researched a little bit on these printers, you would have also read the name Ricoma somewhere. It is another printer and accessory store producing quality products for some time now. The Ricoma R550 White Toner printer is a prime example of it, and thus we are here with the Ricoma R550 printer review.

White Toner transfer printers are pretty popular. They can produce outstanding results and print brilliantly on dark surfaces. You can print on multiple surfaces without much trouble, and the results are pretty satisfying. Unlike sublimation printers that are limited to light color surfaces, white toner printers allow you to print on dark color surfaces.

Ricoma R550 is an expensive and bulky printer, so it is not suited for every beginner. However, the Ricoma R550 is the start of professional printing. A white toner printer like R550 is what you need to move on to the next step.

Ricoma R550 Printer Features:

Great Printing Quality:

Quality brings satisfaction, and that is what your business needs. A printer like Ricoma R550 brings quality to the table. It has a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and prints with great quality, sharpness, and vibrance. With the luxury to print on dark and light-colored surfaces, you can produce vibrant and glowing artworks on different garments and polyester-coated surfaces such as mugs, ceramics, frames, etc.

With the transfer paper, you can transfer your high-quality artworks onto these surfaces and get satisfying results and look professional. Moreover, as it uses fluorescent white toner technology, no messy ink is left behind, and you get clean final prints.

Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi

Good Printing Speed:

Printing speed always attracts the customer’s eyes. When you buy a printer, you look at the rate it can work and does live up to your requirements. You might want to read about the best printer under $200. The Ricoma R550 printer has a fairly decent speed. The transfer media papers have a speed of 8 prints per minute, and for your more standard printing, the speed jumps up to 26 prints per minute, which is quite good. This gives you a good idea that you can get a reasonable work rate from this printer.

Print Speed: Up to 8 prints per minute on transfer media
Up to 26 prints per minute on standard media


Connectivity has become a primary feature of modern printers, and the Ricoma R550 is not left behind in this race. It has both USB and ethernet interfaces to set up a connection. With this, you can easily print from your computer and even your mobile with a wireless connection. Printing from anywhere becomes easy with R550.

Connectivity Interfaces: 10/100 TX-Ethernet
Hi-Speed USB v.2.0

Highly Versatile:

Ricoma R550 is a highly versatile printer. You can easily print vibrant and sharp prints on dark and light-colored surfaces with the white toner system. Plus, sublimation and transfer printing on different apparel and polyester-coated hard surfaces become pretty simple. You can get great prints on all the surfaces. The swappable toner cartridges give you an easy way to change between the transfer printing cartridges and the black ink cartridges.

Excellent Paper Handling:

Good paper handling ultimately leads to a better printing experience. This includes the supported paper sizes and the capacity. R550 is a reasonably flexible printer in terms of compatible paper sizes and can print up to 8.5 x 49.2 inches. The list also includes A4, Letter, and Legal paper sizes. The standard sheet capacity of the Ricoma R550 is 100 sheets, and the paper cassette can handle 500 sheets.

Handling Of Paper Sizes:

  • Standard 100 Sheet Tray: 3″ x 5″ to 8.5″ x 49.6
  • 500 Sheet Paper Cassette: 5.8″ x 8.3″ to 8.5″ x 14″

The Ricoma R550 is also capable of duplex printing, giving you an extra great feature.

Design & Editing Softwares:

The Ricoma R550, when bought as a bundle, comes with two fantastic editing and designing softwares. This includes the ProRIP Software and the SmartCUT Software. With these two softwares, you can have all the tools to properly edit and design your images and prints. You can also get them separately.

The Pros
  • You can print on dark-colored surfaces.
  • Can print on fabric and hard surfaces.
  • Great quality prints.
  • Versatile in terms of working.
  • Wireless printing is available.
  • 4.3 inch Touch display for easy navigation.
The Cons
  • A bit expensive.
  • Large size and weight make it a bulky printer.
  • Uses refill cartridges which are costly to refill.

Buying Guide – Ricoma R550 Printer Review:

With the specs and features discussed, let’s move our attention to another important thing to look at before a printer, the buying guide. Each buying guide lists some significant factors you should know about and should check out in a printer before making your choice. In this way, you can make a more efficient choice, and the chances of the printer fulfilling your requirements become higher.

This guide is written with Ricoma R550 as the reference printer.

Quality Of Printing:

Quality always comes first, as it makes the most significant difference. The fine line between a satisfying result and a result that does not feel good is of quality. The resolution and accessories play the most prominent role in quality. The technology powering the printer is involved in this. So don’t forget to check out the printer’s resolution and, if possible, do a practical check by printing a few prints on the spot.

In terms of quality, the Ricoma R550’s resolution indeed suggests that it can deliver good quality results. The 1200 x 1200 dpi may feel low compared to modern printers, but it is enough to provide satisfying results.

Work Rate:

The speed of a printer is a must-check factor. Your work environment perhaps requires a printer that can dish out results at a quick rate, and for that, you need a fast printer. Printing speeds are usually provided in the form of prints per minute. With all this information, you can get an idea of the printer’s speed. This also includes the overall work ethic of the printer and how suitable it is for heavy load work.

The Ricoma R550 is not the fastest printer, but it is still decent enough to work with. It can take on a heavy work rate and help you complete your requirements.


The factor of money is always there. Everyone has the personal luxury of how much they can spend. The long-term aspect of money is also involved in this, such as the running costs. It is always easy to buy a more efficient printer with a set budget. You make certain priority factors, and then your eventual purchase has the factors and features you were looking for.

Ricoma R550 is a good printer budget-wise. It also has the duplex printing feature, which does lower paper costs.


The main job of the features is to make your printing experience simple, easy, and fun. They provide a platform to do your work in the most efficient way possible. Look out for features in the printer such as auto duplex printing, borderless printing, wireless connectivity, touch display, and other supportive features. Multifunctionality is another part of this.

R550 comes with features that will help you in your work and will essentially provide you with a proper base for efficient and more productive working.

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When it comes to sublimation printing, no two brands are as strong and widespread as Sawgrass & Epson. Their quality speaks for it. Even though not as popular as them, Ricoma still has quality printers, and R550 is an example.

R550 is a white toner printer and suits professional-level printing. It is more expensive compared to other top-quality entry-level sublimation printers available in the market. The ink cartridges also add to the running costs.

This is something that occurs in a lot of printers. Their quality drops if they have too good of a speed. However, R550 has professional-level precision. It shows that the quality remains vibrant and sharp even with high speed.

R550 is one of the best printers that Ricoma has produced. The transfer white toner printer produces high-quality prints, and you can print both dark and light surfaces. It surely has its advantages, but it is a bit more expensive, and you might find cheaper printer options in the market with the same high quality.

Final Verdict:

White Toner printers such as the Ricoma R550 Printer (Review) are more expensive than entry-level sublimation printers. But they have their advantages and are made to provide professional-level printing. With the help of transfer papers, you can customize fabric, apparel, and hard surfaces. The incredible thing about this is that you can get precisely the same high-quality and vibrant results on both light-colored and dark-colored surfaces.

This gives a white toner printer like R550 an edge over the standard sublimation printers that are only suited to light-colored surfaces. Thanks to toner ink printing, the ink also does not get messy. With this, we will now close our Ricoma R550 printer review.

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