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Where To Buy Sublimation Printers In 2022 – Full Guide

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Where To Buy Sublimation Printers

Sublimation printers are a very in-demand product, and many companies have released multiple model series creating a vast range of models to choose from. Already a difficult task, if you are not aware of great websites where you can find a good range of sublimation printers with complete specifications, product details, and customer reviews, you can be in for a rough ride. Since you are here to read about where to buy sublimation printers, we won’t despair you.

Such websites give you a good range of printers to choose from and help in selecting according to your requirements and needs. Plus, the customer reviews give you an extra insight into the product. In this article, I have presented the best websites from where you can buy sublimation printers.

Top 8 Websites To Buy Sublimation Printer

1) Amazon
2) eBay
3) HeatPressNation
4) Best Buy
5) Sublimet
6) USCutter
7) Coastal Business
8) DTG Mart (All American Print Supply Co.)

1) Amazon:

The most probable first choice for anyone looking to shop online would be Amazon. The biggest online or E-commerce marketplace, Amazon gives you almost every shopping category, and sublimation printers are definitely one of them. Considering how giant Amazon is as an online marketplace, you can find practically every sublimation type and brand of sublimation printer.

Models from almost every series are listed on amazon. So buying from Amazon can be a great choice to your question of where to buy sublimation printers.

What is even more incredible is the immense detail and description each product has. All the specifications and features are available on the product page in bullet points, visual representation, and tabular form. Comparison with other models is also given in terms of features.

Other than the standard in-stock purchase option provided by the listing seller, you also have a buying option tab to see other sellers which have the product in stock if it is out of stock from the original seller. Customer reviews are also available to help specify the product for you. Purchasing sublimation printers is made exceptionally easy with Amazon.

2) eBay:

eBay is another giant of the e-commerce market and not much behind amazon in terms of quality and collection. Being a vast marketplace, you can find a lot of sublimation printer models on eBay, perhaps not as much as Amazon, but still a good enough amount of the most popular models.

A brief yet important description and specification regarding the product are provided along with the payment and shipping details. You can easily get great deals and offers on the listed items, which is excellent for your budget. The details also tell you regarding the items included in the package and the features. Overall, a good website for purchasing a sublimation printer.

3) HeatPressNation:

HeatPressNation is an online retailer and e-commerce site well-known regarding the selling of sublimation printers and their accessories. With direct importing from the factory in bulk, they get the products at wholesale prices that are eventually translated to their customers’ prices. You can save a good amount thanks to their low prices and offers.

HeatPressNation has almost all the essential accessories of sublimation printers and exclusively sells Sawgrass and Epson printers, the premier sublimation printers brands. The categories and range are not limited to just sublimation printers, as you can also check out other types of printers and accessories.

4) Best Buy:

Best Buy is a widely popular e-commerce marketplace, especially in the US and Canada. This can be attributed to the enormous range of available products. Sublimation printers are one of them. Not a huge collection as compared to the websites mentioned above but still a verified seller, great deals, and proper details and details of the product such as specifications, features, overview, and customer reviews.

Best Buy is undoubtedly a website that can help you get an excellent quality sublimation printer for your business or personal use.

5) Sublimet:

Sublimet is an E-commerce marketplace that is a proper sublimation solution. Sublimation accessories and printers are displayed with complete specifications and details, making it very easy to understand the product and decide if it’s the best choice for you or not. Multiple categories hosting different products

Sublimet, with time, has grown into a fantastic sublimation website that well and truly gives you not only an excellent output and description regarding each product but also great deals and a shipping program. Sign up to the website for complete access to all the details for each product.

6) USCutter:

Another E-commerce website that gives you access to sublimation printers and sublimation accessories, and many other printing and sublimation-related categories. USCutter debuted in the market in 2005 when they introduced a low-cost and high-quality vinyl cutter. Since then, they have grown and expanded their collection to almost every kind of printing-related product.

Vinyl cutters, printers, heat press machines, heat transfer equipment, softwares, tools, and supplies are all available at great prices. Material for banner and sign printing can also be found. USCutter brings you some of the most popular and quality sublimation printers that are present in the market.

7) Coastal Business:

Coastal Business market gives you the chance to grab high-quality dye sublimation and standard sublimation printers. Printers and models from Epson and Sawgrass brands can be purchased at great prices. Where To Buy Sublimation Printers is still a question. A proper website and place to find your printing solutions, other than the sublimation printers, accessories, and tools for sublimation are also part of the website’s product catalog.

Sublimation blanks, vinyl cutters, heat presses, paper, and much more for you to check out. They use a customer-friendly shipping and exchange policy, and they try to make your purchase as easy as possible for you.

8) DTG Mart:

DTG Mart, also known as All American Print Supply Co., is another American-based printer and accessory store. They have some of the best and most popular dye-sublimation printers. A range of printers, accessories, and equipment such as vinyl cutters, blanks, and heat press machines are also available at the store.

Great customer service and deals on each product with a proper shipment and exchange policy setup are deployed by the website. An overall great website for your sublimation business, whether a small one or a company of a large scale.


An important factor before the purchase of any sublimation printer is checking its compatibility. Whether it’s for the fabric or the surface, accessories, or media size, you are looking to print. A printer with a versatile range and compatibility is pretty important for business purposes. It gives you more leverage and flexibility in terms of the types of orders you can take.

Fabric compatibility is also very important. Almost all standard or dye-sublimation printers work with polyester fabric, but cotton is not a material to use sublimation printing on.

Printing Quality:

An obvious factor to consider when looking for a sublimation printer. Getting sharp and beautiful prints with high-quality color expression is an important thing when it comes to satisfying your customers. The resolution of a printer and its technology play a significant role in the quality of the print. Ink and paper quality also play their part to a certain degree in elevating the print quality.

Purpose of Use:

Your reason for purchasing a sublimation printer does play an important role when making the final decision. The workload printers can handle from model to model. Some are more suited to office or home environments. Some are good for small-scale businesses and others for a larger scale of working. So check which printer suits your needs and requirements the most.

Budget & Running Cost:

Money is always an important factor in any big purchase. You want the purchase to be worth the investment you have made. So it is important to have a set budget and look for your items according to that budget. This can also lead to a better decision or choice as you give a lot of importance to other factors and your requirements.

Moreover, the money factor should be confined to the purchase and the running cost of the item. Some printers work with more expensive accessories, or they are less efficient in using the accessories needing refilling more often. Electricity consumption also comes into this factor.

Product Dimensions:

It is not the most delicate of factors, but it can play its part if you work with limited space. Some dye-sublimation printers are really huge in size, so you have to be careful about it. Even when purchasing sublimation printers, check the product’s size and whether it fits your working space.

Customer Policy & Warranty:

Each website has its policy regarding shipment, exchange, return, and etc. Most websites nowadays try to keep them as user-friendly as possible so that you have the best experience. This is an important factor as any such problem can come up that can lead you to request an exchange or refund. Similarly, you look forward to a proper delivery setup.

The warranty can be a little dependent on the actual developer or company of the printer. But consider the warranty as printers are technical products that require proper maintenance and repair.


No, they are not very expensive. Their price range is between $200-$2000. So you can also buy a cheap one too.

No, you require things like paper, inks, material, sheets, tape, glue & other stuff.


Having knowledge about here to buy sublimation printers of your need. All the best websites from where you can buy a sublimation printer are listed above. These websites are verified, have proper details about the product, provide you with shipping and return user-friendly policies, and overall help you in making the right purchase. You can also find great deals on these websites and save a lot of money.

These are trusted websites with customer reviews, and purchasing from such websites gives you the peace of mind that you will get a genuine product. Moreover, you have the option to look through a lot of options. You have great versatility and categories to look through. This assurance and variety are what make knowing these websites worth it.

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