Top Best Sublimation Business Ideas 2022

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If you are in search of an in-demand department to start your business setup, then a sublimation printing business may just be the right area to start one. Sublimation printing is rising quickly, and with so much digitization, many companies and brands are also looking for independent businessmen to create a partnership with.

Now, if this has grabbed your interest, the main question that may pop up for you right now is perhaps what are the best sublimation business ideas? So to give you an outlook on how you can set up your sublimation business, I am presenting this article with the significant factors you need to look upon to set up and properly start the business.

How Does Sublimation Printing Work:

The first thing for you to understand is how sublimation printing works. The principle of sublimation printing revolves around the term sublimation, which is the direct conversion of solid-state to gas. Similarly, with sublimation printing, the ink particles are converted into small fusible semi-gaseous states and enter the surface, giving you a durable and permanent transfer of design and colors. For a more detailed explanation of how sublimation printing works, you can read the article on our site.

Basic Equipment Required For Starting a Sublimation Business:

For every setup, you require some kind of equipment. That is the essential requirement. Similarly, to start a sublimation printing business, you need to invest in some items. The most important types of equipment for sublimation printers are:

  • An excellent Sublimation Printer
  • Sublimation Paper
  • Sublimation Ink
  • Heat Press Machine
  • Software For Editing
    • Extra Supplies Such as:
      Transfer Gloves
      Thermal Tape & Tape Dispenser
      Sheet covers
      Adhesive spray
      Transfer Needles & Syringes for ink

These are the most basic of equipment that every sublimation setup requires. These are the necessities for your sublimation business. You obviously need to go for printer options that can be considered the best sublimation printer for the best setup. The same goes for sublimation paper and sublimation ink.

However, money is also a factor in the setup. The best does not necessarily mean the most expensive one, but the best is different for everyone. The primary purpose of your use of a sublimation printer decides which can be the best choice for you.

Selecting Your Niche Or Gig:

Your creativeness or work comes out practically when you know what you are looking to work with. So it is an essential element to decide on a niche or gig. There are a lot of niches and ideas you can work with. Being an independent brand and producing your personal designs can turn out to be great. However, it is better to be associated with something that can help you grow for more risk-free working.

  • Making a partnership with businesses especially the local ones is a great way for you to grow your sublimation work. A lot of businesses are looking for people that can help them promote their brand through sublimation.

  • Schools need to be creative to make their students learn in a better way and school items that are well designed and sublimated with their logo is a great way for them to teach the students in an efficient and interesting way.

  • Photographers are mostly looking for sublimation printers. For them sublimating photographs or other photo prints on different surfaces is an important part of their work. So that is a great place to be associated with if you are looking for a good and stable start.

  • Local Consignment Shops are a great place to be part of. Shopkeepers highly prefer local business starters over big brands to run their shops. They are mostly ready to create partnerships with local businesses to sell your personalized items in their shops.

Creating Your Designs:

Your creative mind can be on full display when you are part of sublimation printing. Having personalized sublimated products is a massive way of kick-starting your business. Many people are always interested in such stunning products, thanks to the sublimation of prints on them. Once someone gets to know about your setup, they will contact you if they are interested. Sometimes the clients have small orders, and sometimes they can be in bulk.

However, now that you are in a professional business, it is crucial to have knowledge about a few things that you should be careful about.

It is vital that you keep yourself protected from copyright claims and issues. Stealing or using a design that any big company or brand owns can end up bad for you, as many companies sue such small businesses for stealing designs that they own. So be careful about designs that can later become a problem for you.

Right Proportions:

Be careful about the right proportions. Getting your design size wrong can completely take away the charm of your design. So it is very important to keep an eye on the proportions of the design so that your clients leave satisfied. To better understand proportions and sizes for apparel, I recommend using an HTV size chart.


When working with professional clients, your work needs to be clean and beautiful so that it can impress the client. For this, you need to use the best graphics. Vector graphics is recommended for assistance.

Best Ideas For Sublimation:

Sublimation is possible on numerous surfaces, and thus you can use several products and ideas to grow your business.

  1. Apparel is the number one and perhaps the most popular idea for sublimation. It is easy to sublimate on and is the most common thing on which sublimation prints are demanded by customers or companies.

  2. Mugs are another popular sublimation surface. A lot of people and brands are looking to sublimate their mug collections with beautiful designs and prints.

  3. Phone Cases are a very popular item that people love to get a sublimated image or print on as it brings a beautiful outlook to their phones.

  4. Mouse Pads are another item that is frequently sublimated. A lot of local shopkeepers dealing with such stuff look for sublimated mouse pads.

  5. Plates & Glasses that have prints or images are quite an in-demand item. People are attracted to such dish sets that have great designs.

  6. Stickers need sublimation to bring attractiveness in them and a lot of businesses dealing with stickers look for small setups to sublimate their stickers. Labels and stickers are a big part of the sublimation market.

  7. Business & Invitation Cards are always out there to be sublimated. A lot of businesses and shops look to sublimate their cards.

  8. Ceramic is another popular surface on which sublimation is done. Ceramic tiles, frames, and dishes as well.

  9. Flip Flops are also frequently part of the sublimation business. People like to have designed and colorful flip flops.

Even though you can do sublimation on various items, the surfaces have some restrictions. Fabrics should be of polymer and if there is cotton, it should be less than 30% as compared to the polymer present. Surfaces such as plastic, metal, aluminum, or other hard surfaces have to be coated with polymer.

Selling Your Sublimated Products:

Marketing your product and selling is a pretty hard task. Growing your rea and obtaining people’s attention and interest towards your work can be long work. But with the large digitization of society, marketing your product on a broader spectrum has become a little easier as compared to a decade or two ago.

A lot of E-Commerce and social media sites are available that are great for promoting your business and eventually this will lead to the selling of your products.


Facebook is such a huge global platform that has millions of users. Marketing on such a platform can be really beneficial to the growth of your business. Additionally, with the marketing-oriented ad system, Facebook has become a great site to show the world what you have to offer in terms of your business.


A completely similar platform to Instagram and has a good marketing system of ads. Instagram is also an amazing platform to sell your products. A lot of people have hugely followed pages of their businesses from where people buy their products.


One of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world, eBay is the platform to take your business to. You can display your products to people that are actually there to buy stuff. The audience eBay has are actually only buyers, so the purchase ratios increase a lot with that.


Etsy is another E-commerce platform similar to eBay. They provide an amazing place for independent sellers to sell their products to actual buyers.

Local Market:

The local market environment is something that will always be there. The conventionally thinking people still prefer to be physically present there to inspect what they are about to buy. So making partnerships with local market shopkeepers is still a great way to go.


A sublimation printing business in today’s market is well and indeed a safe investment. It is something that will pay you nicely in terms of profit and, in the end, make your investment worth the bills and the effort. Keep being creative and innovative because that is something that attracts clients towards your work and always tries to satisfy your customer in terms of quality of work, and it will take your business towards the top.

This was my brief article on sublimation business ideas. I hope this will help you set up your own business and make great money.

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