Top 8 Best Design Software For Sublimation Printing

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Designs are a massive part of the printing industry. Whether it’s sublimation printing, web and document designing, or architectural printing, designing is involved. This is where your creativity comes into play. To put out your ideas in creative and illustrious designs, you need specific designing tools known as designing software. The Best Design Software For Sublimation are all here.

Sublimation designs especially are required to be pretty precise as they are sublimated on other surfaces. For making such accurate designs, you need the best sublimation software for design. The software mentioned in this article is the most renowned designing softwares and will be perfect for creating your personalized designs and editing a lot of pre-made stuff.

You will be getting your hands on proper resources with the tools these software will be providing you and with which you and your sublimation printer can get down to business.

Top 3 Sublimation Design Software:

Best Sublimation Software For Design:

Adobe Softwares:

Adobe is the leading and most popular designing and editing platform. However, they have been the premier graphical editing and designing software for a long time and for all the right reasons. Although, the immense amount of tools and resources they give are incredible and give you the total capacity to show your creativity. Their two leading software for image-based editing and designing are:

  • The most widely used one Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop:

The most well-known Adobe software is Adobe Photoshop which is a premier graphic designing app with excellent image editing and designing, resulting in a clean and clear image for print. The software works on pixel-based designing, thus giving you clean pixels which quickly provide the final image an incredible look.

It is best for interface designing, banner ads, graphic designing, and overall image-based editing for prints. Because of this, your sublimation designs will be highly benefited from Photoshop.

It works on a subscription-based plan with a 7-Day free trial. The annual plan is available for $20.99/mo, and the one-month subscription is for $31.49/mo.

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Learn How To Create Sublimation Design On Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator:


The other popular software of Adobe is Adobe Illustrator. It is similar to photoshop in the fact that it is designed to create and edit images. Similarly, the difference is that it uses a vector graphic system for designing, which is best for making perfectly smooth lines. This makes Illustrator perfect for logo and icon designing.

Illustrator makes it pretty easy to increase or decrease the size of the image. Also, It is compatible with macOS and Windows operating systems. Your sublimation logo prints will be in great hands with Illustrator.

In addition, you can purchase the annual subscription plan for $20.99/mo with a free trial. The one-month subscription is for $31.49/mo.

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The best part of Adobe software is that they are the best software in their work but are an expensive option. There are very few free software for print editing that are good, and GIMP is that software.

A free to download software that provides sufficient tools for properly editing logos, images, icons, illustrations, photo manipulations, etc. Undoubtedly, All the tools you will need to make your sublimation prints with great ease and quality.

It is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems. It not only gives you customization options but also 3rd party plugins. Also, It tends to work best in workflow with free software such as Inkscape, Scribus, and Swatch Booker. This is powered by multiple languages such as C, C++, Python, Perl, Scheme, and more.


CorelDraw (check the price) is another top-rated vector graphic software used for creating or editing images, photos, icons, logos, and much more. With the extensive tool setup, you gain access to the latest graphic suite version, and it is an incredible feature to work with to grow your catalog of sublimation prints.

The vector graphic system makes CorelDraw a very suitable software for sublimation prints. A lot also says of users that it is very flexible and easy-to-understand software. This helps you in bringing out your creative ideas in the best way. 

The annual plan has a $399.00/year subscription fee with a 15-day free trial, or you can for the one-time $785.00 purchase.

Affinity Designer:

Affinity Designer is just not your average design software. With all the tools and resources it gives the users, working on your sublimation prints with complete freedom is no problem. Nevertheless, professional-level creative software which is available in three different types.

You have the Affinity designer, which is used for logos, print projects, mock-ups, UI designs, icons, and concept art-making. However, this means the affinity designer mode is the one you will be needing.

The other two are Affinity photo which is used mainly for photo and image editing, and Affinity publisher suited for books, magazines, templates, and other typographic work.

They have a one-time pay purchase system. The Affinity Designer for Mac & Windows is purchasable for $54.99, and for the Ipad, the price is $21.99.


Sketch is a designing platform for creative artists and designers to put out their ideas with incredible tools and resources quickly. Undoubtedly, the tools and collaborative design process gives great flexibility in terms of creativity and helps creating pixel-perfect artwork, logos, icons, and prints is easy, and the final result is clean, clear, and sharp.

You can get the $9/mo plan or the yearly $99/year subscription plan. Each one has a 30 free trial with no need for credit card details during the trial period.

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Gravit Designer:

Gravit is another fantastic online vector graphic designing app and image editor. With its incredible tools, the app gives you a lot of creative freedom, and you can easily make beautiful prints and logos for your sublimation products.

The vector graphic system also makes it very suitable for sublimation prints. Therefore, UI designing, mock-ups, vector illustrations, image and photo editing all can be done with Gravit.

The standard version of the app is free to use. However, it does not give you access to all the features. A few restricted features can be unlocked once you upgrade to Gravit Designer Pro with a yearly subscription plan of $99.99. However, you may get the subscription for a lower price with the sale offer.


Inkscape is free to design software that gives you access to editing and drawing. Compatible with both MacOSx and Windows, it gives you powerful tools for designing and vector graphic editing apps for creating and editing high-quality and unique illustrations, logos, prints, and icons. This free editing and drawing app is truly a fantastic feature for your sublimation printing.


Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator are some of the best software for sublimation. Also on the list are CorelDRAW & Gimp.

Yes, you can definitely use Canva for designing sublimation print.

Adobe Photoshop, without any doubt, is the best easiest and quickest software for sublimation

Undoubtedly yes, photoshop and illustrator are far the best and straightforward app for designing

Final Verdict:

The designing of sublimation is a highly creative process, and that’s why it requires editing and designing software that has powerful tools and can give you final results of high resolution and look sharp and clear.

The expression of the logo or the print is an essential factor in producing a desirable and attractive final sublimated print. That is why you need the best sublimation software for designs.

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