Canvas Sublimation: A Complete Guide 2022

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Sublimation is such a diverse form of printing. The various surfaces that can be sublimated make sublimation a popular artistic and creative business and personal hobby. Canvases are one such place where creativity and mesmerizing prints, images, and other art forms take place, making up for great decoration or gift pieces. Thus, sublimation and canvas printing are a great combo.

Canvas Sublimation is similar to the standard sublimation printing you perform on surfaces such as wood. The basic procedure is the same, and the results are beautiful and attractive. Appropriately done with suitable quality accessories and printers, canvas sublimation can be your new hobby or even a new startup for business. So in this article, you will get to know how you can also perform canvas sublimation.

Things Needed: For Canvas Sublimation

To perform canvas sublimation, you will be looking to get your hands on some essential equipment and tools. Keep in mind your budget and try to make the best out of it by choosing the options that best suit your needs and requirements.

1. Sublimation Printer:

The obvious first choice for this list is a sublimation printer. Your sublimation printer is a significant part of how good final results you get. So try to make the best possible choice when deciding on your sublimation printer.

2. Sublimation Ink & Paper:

They are also the most basic requirements. Try to go for sublimation ink sets that have a combination and quantity suiting your needs. The sublimation paper has the quality and the texture to hold and express the colors.

3. Canvas:

As we are printing on canvases, you will be looking for the best canvases. Choose the canvases that are compatible with the printer and paper sizes and fulfill your needs or desires. You can go for both regular and fully framed canvases.

4. Heat Press Machine:

A heat press machine is needed for the pressing of the print on the canvas. You can easily find high-quality heat press machines online with proper reviews of their specifications. Do keep in mind to check the machine’s compatible size and surfaces.

5. Laminating Sheets:

They are needed to create a surface on which sublimation ink can transfer onto. Laminating sheets are pressed on the canvas so that the print can properly transfer on it. Laminating sprays can also be used.

6. Protective Sheets:

Protective sheets or butcher paper are excellent for the protection of the item being heat pressed. These sheets protect them from direct heat from both sides.

7. Heat Resistant Gloves:

This is not a necessary item but something that can be helpful. After pressing on such high temperatures, the canvas and paper are hot, so it is better to handle them with care.

Steps For Sublimation:

Doing sublimation on canvas is pretty similar to what we do on wood sublimation or perhaps even more accessible given the fact that there is a need for crafting and cutting the wood. The basic steps and procedures are easy and straightforward, with not much technical stuff involved.

The first would be to choose your canvas. You can use a fully framed canvas or remove the frame and keep only the canvas part. Choose your size and move on to the next step.

Now, your next move should be to laminate the canvas with a laminating sheet. Open a laminating sheet pouch and put the shiny face upwards. Cut the extra laminating sheet. You can use a paper cutter for more accurate cutting of the sheet.

It is recommended to keep a little bit of the sheet on the sides. This is because the sheet can shrink due to heat and leave white borders on the final print.

Don’t Forget To:

Once you have cut out the sheet according to the canvas size, place them in the heat press machine with the shiny side of the laminating sheet facing upward and set the temperature for 365 degrees pressing for 60 seconds. Use butcher paper or protection sheets on both sides of the canvas and laminating sheet combination. They protect the items from getting overheated.

Once the lamination of the canvas is complete, and you can move on to your design. Using your design software, adjust your image or design according to the size of the canvas. With the adjustments completed, print them on sublimation paper using sublimation ink.

Your next step should be to attach the paper to the canvas using heat-resistant tape. Attach the print to the canvas with the image side facing the canvas. Put butcher paper or the protective sheets on both sides of the item and press them at around 365-375 degrees for 90 seconds.

Take out the canvas from the machine and remove the paper. Your image will be properly sublimated on the canvas with vibrant colors on display.

Best Place To Buy Sublimation Canvas Blanks:


Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces to buy anything related to sublimation, so to buy sublimation canvas blanks or polyester, visit amazon.

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Sublimation on canvas is possible even if the canvas is not polyester-based. You can use a sublimation spray to make the canvas compatible with sublimation.

The answer is simple, polyester. The cotton surface is not suitable for sublimation as heat is involved in the process, so apparel made of polyester is sublimated. Similarly, the polyester coating is used for items such as wood. On a cotton canvas, you can sublimate by using a sublimation spray.

It is best to use a temperature between 370-400 Fahrenheit.

Sublimation on any black surface is not possible as there is an expression of colors on black. For the best results, it is always recommended to use a white surface.

There are a variety of surfaces that you can sublimate on. Fabrics, wood, ceramic, mugs, phone cases, canvases, acrylic, tumblers, and many more can be sublimated. The only major thing is that there needs to be a polyester coating or material on the surface.

For sublimation, you need a special type of printer, paper, and ink that are compatible with such printing. Epson and Sawgrass are perhaps the best when it comes to sublimation printers. Similarly, you need sublimation paper and ink for sublimation. You can find a lot of great brands that provide such papers and inks.


Canvas sublimation and printing is an easy and effective way of making beautiful and mesmerizing decorations and gift pieces. Such a thing is an excellent prospect for business as people are always looking for such products. They are attracted towards such local businesses that give excellent quality at convenience. A lot of shops in the local market look to create partnerships regarding this business.

Whether a hobby or a business, canvas sublimation is a great way to put your creativity on display and create beautiful artworks for your and others’ homes and offices or any other environment.

I am ending this article with the hope that this will be helpful to you.

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