Sublimation On Hats: All the Basics you need to know in 2022

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Hats are apparel that is right up there with hoodies and t-shirts when it comes to popular items for customization and sublimation. They are a product that is always appreciated more when it has that stylish look to it. Thus sublimation on hats is something that many sublimation businesses work on. Anyone looking to grow his sublimation business takes on the challenge of hat sublimation because you never know when a big brand or sports team may knock on your business door.

Working on hat sublimation is pretty easy for beginners. You can easily start your sublimation business by sublimating on hats. Even if it’s not for business purposes, customizing your hats with images and prints of your choice is relatively easy. The process and equipment are similar to sublimation on other apparel. In this article, we will use trucker hats as the primary reference hat as they are the most popular ones and mostly customized in this fashion.

Sublimation On Hats/Caps Requirement:

First, list out the items you will need for sublimation on hats.

Sublimation Printer:

The most basic need for sublimation printing is a sublimation printer. A quality sublimation printer will give you quality prints and satisfying results. Epson sublimation printers are mostly recommended for beginners as they are less costly and easy to use.

Unique Heat Press Machine:

For almost all forms of sublimation on apparel, the most recommended way to produce the heat transfer effect is the heat press machine. For hat sublimation, you will need a special heat press machine that is specially made for pressing hats.

Hat Blanks:

Trucker hats or caps can easily be purchased from the local market or online e-commerce websites. But be sure to use a hat that is made up of polyester or has some form of polyester coating or spray.


This category includes items such as sublimation ink, sublimation paper, heat resistant tape, Teflon sheet, vapor foam kit, etc.

Working Of Hat/Cap Sublimation:

Different Types Of Cap For Sublimation

Sublimation on hats is pretty simple, making it a quick process. There are no complicated steps and settings. You just need to keep things ready and try to do every step and placement of things carefully.

Step 1 – Getting Everything Ready:

Start the process by creating your design using whichever design software you are using. Set the size of the image according to the hat and adjust it appropriately. Print the image or design on the A-sub koala sublimation paper and cut out the extra paper so that it does end up pressing on the sides of the cap.

Step 2 – Setting Up The Hat For Sublimation:

The next step is to set your hat. Put the cap around the heat press surface. You can use a vapor foam kit to keep the hat perfectly balanced. A manual hat heat press is good as it helps in fixing the hat very tightly and correctly. Be sure to keep the extended front of the cap away from the line of the press as the heat can damage it. Use a lint roller on the sublimation surface of the hat.

Place a Teflon sheet as well between the surface of the cap to protect from heat damage. Stick the print to the surface using heat-resistant tape to keep the print in place. Set the temperature, timer, and pressure of the heat press. The hat is ready to be pressed.

Step 3 – Press The Print:

Press the hat with the heat press machine with all the settings complete. You can set the timer to around 1:30 – 2 minutes with a 360-390 degrees temperature. Once the press is finished, remove the top of the heat press and carefully remove the tape and the paper, and your beautiful print will be revealed. You can print the backside of the hat with the same process and steps.

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Marketplaces For The Equipment For Hat Sublimation:

You can easily purchase the equipment as mentioned above or any other extra item related to sublimation from the following e-commerce markets:


Amazon is the number one online market in the world. Multiple options for each piece of equipment are available on amazon at varied prices. Choose whichever one you want. The most accessible marketplace to find the best sublimation printer.


Etsy is also a top-rated e-commerce platform for sublimation products. You can find printers, blanks, and other equipment related to arts and crafts that you can use in your sublimation.

Heat Press Nation:

Heat Press Nation is another fantastic platform for sublimation shopping. It is more specific to the printing, especially sublimation and heat transfer printing products.


eBay is pretty similar to Amazon in terms of popularity and a general marketplace for all kinds of stuff. Sublimation printers and all other accessories you are looking for will be available at eBay.

Johnson Plastics Plus:

JP Plus is a fantastic platform for printing supplies and customizable products. You can buy blanks and already sublimated apparel and headwear. Sublimation accessories and printers with great prices are available.


You can sublimate on polyester or polyester-coated hats. Customizing your hats is no problem with sublimation printing.

You can sublimate on any form of the hat if they have a polyester surface. Truckers hats are the easiest to sublimate on and are the most popular when it comes to the sublimation level of customization.

Mostly 60-120 seconds are recommended for the timer and a temperature of 360-390 degrees. Keep the pressure around the light to medium.

Use a lint roll before pressing the hat. Tape vapor foam on the heat press surface to keep the surface smooth and flat. Fix the hat/cap around the surface tightly and properly.

Beanie hats are trendy, especially in winters. Sublimating on beanie hats is definitely possible. Use polyester beanie hats for best results.

Sublimation on cotton hats is not a good idea. Especially direct sublimation on 100% cotton is kind of not possible. Either the cotton content is less than 30%, or there is a polyester coating or spray layer.

Final Words:

Sublimation business is an ever-growing business, and hat sublimation market is a massive part of this. With all the information available and budget-friendly equipment, it is easy for a beginner to do sublimation on hats and start his own sublimation business. The process is straightforward, and as there are no complicated steps, the whole procedure does not take much time.

Starting with trucker hats is the best way to be the most popular and easy to sublimate. Not only people, but a lot of companies, teams, and small level brands may come to you for sublimation on hats with their desired designs. Hopefully, this article was informational and good luck.

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