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Epson EcoTank ET-3760 Sublimation Printer Review

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Epson EcoTank ET-3760 is one of Epson’s most popular printers. It is part of the EcoTank series and has all the tools to be a great partner for beginners. It is economical, has high quality, and can be used for sublimation printing once converted. Thus, we are here to give you a proper and detailed Epson EcoTank ET-3760 sublimation printer review.

In this review, we will discuss some of the main features of this incredible Epson printer. Even though an inkjet printer when made, it can easily be converted into a sublimation printer and is a pretty pocket-friendly option for sublimation printing. This makes it an excellent printer for beginners to start their business with.

Specifications & Features: Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Great Printing Quality:

Whenever you discuss a printer, quality is the first thing that comes up. You want a printer that can produce prints of high quality and finesse because the quality here is transferred onto the surface when sublimated. Epson ET-3760 definitely comes with the specs of a high-quality printer. It has a high resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. To support this excellent resolution, ET-3760 is powered by PrecisionCore technology.

These two together surely give Epson ET-3760 the capability to print with sharp and clean quality that will satisfy you and your clients.

Resolution: Maximum optimized resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Technology: Powered By Epson’s PrecisionCore technology.

Pocket Friendly & Low Running Costs:

The money aspect of the printer follows the factor of quality. It is more than just the cost of the printer. You have the budget factor, so you also have to take into account the overall long-term running costs. Epson ET-3760 is for budget printing. It is not an expensive printer, especially when compared to some other models and brands, and it is equipped with features and tools that help in lowering the overall running costs.

The ink tank system and the ink bottle setup can lower the ink running costs by up to 90%. Moreover, automatic duplex printing keeps the paper costs in control as well. Both the low-cost ink bottle replacements and 2-sided printing impact the money aspect in a positive way.

Versatile Paper Handling & Good Printing Speed:

For a good printing experience, the printer’s paper handling is an essential factor. Versatile and user-friendly paper handling makes printing easier. Epson ET-3760 comes with a 150 sheet input tray and can print up to 8.5 x 47.2 inches, commonly known as the user-definable paper size. The borderless printing is limited to paper size 8.5 x 11 inches. Plus, you can print on both plain and photo paper of different types.

Compatible Paper Sizes:

  • 3.5″ x 5″
  • 4″ x 6″
  • 5″ x 7″
  • 8″ x 10″
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 8.5″ x 14″
  • A4
  • A6
  • Half letter
  • Executive
  • User-definable

The printing speed of the Epson ET-3760 is also pretty good. You can print one-sided prints at a rate of 15 pages per minute black and 8 color pages per minute. Two-sided prints have a speed of 6 to 7 pages black 4 to 5 pages color. This shows that Epson ET-3760, even in terms of speed, definitely suits business-level printing.

One-Sided Printing:
➡ 15 ISO ppm (Black)
8 ISO ppm (Color)

Two-Sided Printing:
➡6.5 ISO ppm (Black)
4.5 ISO ppm (Color)

Wireless Connectivity:

Epson ET-3760 Unboxed

A modern-day need, wireless connectivity has slowly become an essential feature for all printers. For a printer to be considered a proper modern-day printer for business and office environments, it needs to have wireless connectivity. Epson ET-3760 comes with wireless connectivity making your printing experience simpler and easier. You can print from anywhere using your mobile by connecting your mobile and printer with the Wifi connection.

Plus, different mobile solutions are available so you can edit and print with your mobile. With a wireless connection, printing from your computer and mobile is effortless with Epson ET-3760.

Connectivity Options & Interfaces:

  • Hi-Speed USB
  • Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n)
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
  • Wi-Fi Direct

Mobile Printing Solutions:
1) Epson Connect: Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print7, Epson Scan to Cloud, Epson iPrint App (iOS, Android)
2) Other: Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Android printing, Fire OS printing

Multifunctional & Supportive Features:

Epson ET-3760 is a 3-in-1 printer which means print, scan, and copy. Such multifunctionality is always a welcome feature. The other two tasks are also pretty every day in a business or office environment, so it is good to have a printer that can do it all.

In addition to this multifunctionality, ET-3760 also has other supporting features to make printing easier. It is equipped with an Auto Document Feeder, which has a capacity of 30 sheets. A 2.4-inch touch display is available for easy navigation. Free voice activation printing provides another efficient way of printing.

The Pros
  • High resolution & quality
  • Great printing speed
  • Multifunctional and has an ADF & touchscreen
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Low running costs thanks to ink tank 
  • Mobile printing solutions 
The Cons

Setting Up ET-3760 For Sublimation:

Epson printers are a bit different from standard sublimation printers. Unlike them, they are not sublimation printers, to begin with. They are inkjet printers that need conversion. Just like every other Epson printer such as ET-4760 or WF-7720, Epson ET-3760 also requires conversion. The process is the same for all the printers.

For this, you will need sublimation ink. It is more recommended to use a brand new EcoTank ET-3760 printer instead of one that has been used with inkjet ink. This will prevent any chances of mixing two different inks. Fill the ink tanks with the sublimation ink and then set up the printer. Once you have set up the printer, your ET-3760 will be ready for sublimation printing.

YouTube video
Learn how to convert 3760 into a sublimation printer!

Epson ET-3760 Vs. Epson ET-2760:

The main difference between Epson ET-3760 and ET-2760 is pretty similar. They have quite a few features that are the same. However, they do contradict each other in some significant areas. There is a difference in resolution of the two printers with ET-2760 with a higher resolution. On the other hand, ET-3760 has a larger sheet tray capacity when it comes to paper capacity.

Differences can also be seen in the supportive features. Even though both the printers have a duplex and borderless printing, ET-3760 has an Auto document feeder. In addition to this, there is also a difference in printing speed. You can print more with ET-3760 in a time frame of 60 seconds compared to ET-2760. All these factors can lead to different choices, but one definite thing is the amazing printing experience both the printers can provide.

Buying Guide – Epson EcoTank ET-3760:

Our next discussion is about buying a guide. The buying guide is a proper helping hand providing you information regarding the major features and aspects you need to check out when purchasing a printer. A good knowledge about the factors to look for will lead to a better purchase. This buying guide has been written with ET-3760 as the reference printer.

Resolution & Quality:

Better quality means a better ratio of client satisfaction. To run a successful sublimation business, you need a high-quality printer. You need prints with outstanding sharpness and vividness that can be transferred with the same quality to the sublimation surface. Resolution is a direct indication of how good the prints can be. However, there are other factors also involved in this.

Epson ET-3760 has a high resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi and powerful technology to support it. So quality is a department that ET-3760 can easily ace in.


With the work getting more and more digitized, connectivity options have become more and more important. Wireless printing is a pretty common feature now and gives you the option to print from your mobile from anywhere. You can also do other tasks while printing. So to keep your work quick and simple, connectivity is pretty important. So check the connectivity options the printer provides.

Epson ET-3760 is great in terms of connectivity. It has a Wifi system and interface, making wireless printing pretty easily accessible.

Features & Handling:

Modern-day work and sublimation business setups require multifunctional and versatile printing. All-In-One printers are top-rated because of their multifunctionality. Features such as duplex printing, ADF, Color display, all of these features make your printing easy. A versatile printer in terms of versatility is also pretty important. A wide range of compatible paper sizes and other handling is suitable for business.

Outstanding versatility is seen in ET-3760 in terms of paper handling. Easy to use in this aspect. It has multiple supportive features, and the long list makes your printing worker a lot easier and more fun.


The budget makes a lot of difference in the overall final call. With a set budget, you choose the printer straightforwardly. You prioritize certain factors and look to buy a printer that fulfills the main priority factors first. This can make your purchase very efficient and suitable for long-term use. The running costs are attributed to this factor.

Epson ET-3760 is one of the less costly sublimation printers. Moreover, the ink tank and duplex feature also positively impact the budget factor, making ET-3760 a perfect budget printer.


Like all Epson printers, it is an inkjet printer that can be converted into a sublimation printer.

Epson ET-3760 does not only have a low price, but you can also save up to 90% on ink running costs with the ink tank system and ink bottles. Plus, the duplex printing also helps in lowering the running costs.

No, Epson ET-3760 is not a laser printer. It is an inkjet printer that can also be used for sublimation printing.

Epson ET-3760 produces fine-quality prints with great speed. The running costs are also low, and it has an affordable price tag. There are also different supporting features. Such versatility and pricing make ET-3760 a great EcoTank printer.

Epson ET-3760 is part of the Epson EcoTank series, and it is equipped with an ink tank system. This means that the ink cartridge system is replaced by a low-cost ink system. The tanks are pretty large, preventing constant refilling.

Epson only produces dye-sublimation inks. For conversion and use, you can buy sublimation ink from third-party brands. Many famous and quality sublimation ink brands provide good quality sublimation inks.


Epson EcoTank ET-3760 (view on Amazon) is a proper beginner-level printer, and its low running costs and pocket-friendly price makes it a brilliant entry-level sublimation printer. Epson ET-3760 is the partner to choose for this journey to start a sublimation business at the beginner level. It is a complete printer with multifunctionality, versatility, and high quality. Plus, it can be very easy on your pocket.

The sublimation market is very profitable nowadays. Starting a sublimation business is now easy with all the information out there. Multiple high-quality printers are available at a low cost for beginners, and ET-3760 can easily be considered a high-level choice for the entry-level printing setup. This concludes our Epson EcoTank ET-3760 sublimation printer review.

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