Phone Case Sublimation – Detailed Guide & Process 2022

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Customizing items is a pretty popular hobby among people, and one of the most popular ones is the customization of phone cases. Many people love to have personalized cases with unique designs, graphics, or images, and what better way to customize than sublimation. Phone case sublimation is an incredible and easy way to give your phone a new and fantastic look.

Sublimate any photo or image you want on the case of your phone with the simple and straightforward process discussed in this article. So let us begin.

Required Tools & Material: For Phone Case Sublimation

Not a lot of equipment and material is required to sublimate phone cases, and the expensive ones are like a one-time investment that can also be used for future uses.

Phone Case Blank:

Our first item is obviously the item we are talking about today, phone cases. You need to have a phone case that is compatible with sublimation printing. These exceptional phone cases come with the print blank and an adhesive area at the back where the steel blank is attached after the print. (View On Amazon)

Sublimation Printer:

Sublimation without the printer is not possible. You need to have the best sublimation printer to perform sublimation. You can get great results with Epson or Sawgrass sublimation printers.

Sublimation Ink & Paper:

Special paper and ink, known as sublimation paper and sublimation ink, are another necessary item of sublimation printing. Without these, you cannot perform the process of sublimation. So get the best ones before you begin.

Heat Press Or Easy Press:

The heat press is the equipment that gives the heat you need for sublimation to occur. Get yourself a heat press so you can press your print paper and item so that sublimation takes place, and you get your beautiful print on the phone case. You can also use the smaller and more portable easy press instead of the larger heat press.

Editing Software:

Editing and adjusting your design is essential for the proper transfer of the image. Sublimation design softwares will help you adjust the print precisely to the right so that the final image can be appropriately sublimated onto the item. Don’t forget to get the software that can help you easily adjust your image.


Heat tape, scissors, paper cutter, parchment or butcher paper, heat gloves, etc. These all are accessories that help in the process of sublimation. They all have their role. Some are more necessary than others, but each leads to the proper process of sublimation.

Best Websites For Purchase: Sublimation Phone Case Blanks

Always look to buy printing accessories and stuff from genuine websites that give you the proper and original product warranty. These things are expensive, and you need to be careful when purchasing them. Listed below are some of the best websites to visit for sublimation equipment.


The number one choice for everyone. Amazon is the largest e-commerce market, and you will easily find all kinds of sublimation stuff you are looking for with proper verification and policies. Variety and an extensive collection to choose from.


Another incredible online website that specializes in printing accessories and equipment. The right place for sublimation products.


Etsy is a crafty world. The website has all the artistic material you are looking for printing. Sublimation printers, sublimation phone cases, sublimation ink, and much more. Etsy is a proper craft store and a fantastic place for printing-related or decoration items.

Subli Blanks:

As the name suggests, Subli Blanks is a sublimation world. Not only sublimation equipment but almost all the products you can sublimate on.


Sublimet is a proper sublimation tool and product store. From the materials and equipment to items and surfaces you can sublimate on.

InnoSub USA:

Innosub is an online store for sublimation items that are commonly sublimated. The store has a fantastic collection of sublimation phone cases and many other items that you can sublimate on.

Sublimation Process On Phone Cases:

Moving onto the process, it is a straightforward process. There is not much technical stuff involved in the work other than a few things that you need to remember. So let’s discuss it.

● The first step is perhaps the most technical one. You need to adjust the image size according to the phone case using your editing software. You need to keep the image at the size that the main image appears the best and also not get it small enough that the printless area appears. Check and adjust the size properly.

● Now you need your phone case. Keep in mind that when buying the phone case, you need to purchase the ones that are compatible with sublimation printing. Phone cases that are made for sublimation printing have a metal blank or insert with the case and an adhesive back where the insert or blank is attached.

● The print is sublimated on the metal blank. Before anything else, you first need to remove the plastic covering on the white side of the blank where the print is to be sublimated.

● Now you attach the print paper with the blank. Keep the image side facing towards the white side of the metal blank. Adjust both of them properly so that they are completely straight and adjacent to each other. Use the heat tape to keep them in place. Place a butcher or parchment paper on both sides of the blank.

● Now you can use either the portable, easy press or the heat press. Set the temperature to around 380-400 Fahrenheit and the timer to approximately 45-60 seconds. After the press is complete, remove the parchment paper and the tape to reveal your sublimated blank.

● With the sublimation completed, take your phone case and remove the adhesive covering off the case’s back. Now stick the blank to the back and press it hard with your hands to make them stick well.

● Your sublimated phone case is ready.

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Tips & Suggestions: Sublimation Phone Case Design, Blanks, & Templates

  1. Keep heat gloves or something that you can use to handle the blank right after the press as it is hot.
  2. Remove the plastic covering from the metal blank as it gets affected by the heat and can destroy your final print.
  3. Don’t forget to use parchment or butcher paper before the press as it protects the blank from direct heat.
  4. Use heat tape to keep the print paper and the blank in place.


Yes. You can quickly sublimate on phone cases that are compatible with sublimation. Such cases come with a metal insert or blank and have an adhesive back for attachment.

Yes, you can. The process is the same. The case just needs to be compatible with sublimation.

Yes, you can, but it is not the recommended way. The print may not transfer properly. It is better to use a good heat press or easy press.

Sublimation phone cases are a pretty popular time among people. You just need sublimation compatible phone cases and essential equipment such as a sublimation printer, paper, ink, etc.

When heat pressing phone cases, there is a danger of damage due to heat. To prevent this, use parchment or butcher paper. Wrap them around the subject before pressing it.

For sublimation, you need a sublimation printer. A regular printer cannot be used for sublimation until it can be converted to a sublimation printer like Epson printers.

You can perform 3D sublimation printing on phone cases, but for that, you need a special 3D vacuum heat press that allows the print to settle on both sides.

Final Words:

Phones are an integral part of life, making accessories such as cases subject to a lot of customization. This customization is made pretty simple and incredible with sublimation. You can perform sublimation on your sublimation phone cases and customize them with whatever image you are looking to do it with. Additionally, seeing how popular this thing is, you can start a business as direct customers are involved, but local shops, online companies, and extensive business firms that are part of this niche look for such independent artists.

The information provided here will help you understand the overall basics of phone case sublimation. We hope that the knowledge you gained will lead to an excellent start for you.

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