Epson EcoTank ET-4760 Sublimation Printer Review – 2022

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When we talk about printers, Epson is one of the first brands that comes to mind, and that is the trust and reliability they have forged over the years with tremendous and advanced printer series. The most recent of these incredible model series is the EcoTank series, which can be converted into a sublimation printer like the other Epson printers. A staple name from this series is the Epson EcoTank ET-4760 (view on Amazon).


Equipped with the unique ink tank system, which is the special feature of the EcoTank series, ET-4760 is an incredible printer in terms of budget-friendly and economical running costs, especially ink costs. A large ink tank means great capacity and longer uninterrupted printing. But this is the advantage thanks to the unique feature of the EcoTank series. The available features such as the resolution, printing quality, compatibility, etc., are also right up to the mark.

All these features and specifications are touched upon in this Epson EcoTank ET-4760 sublimation printer review. So let’s dig in.

Epson EcoTank Sublimation Printer:

Features & Specifications: For ET-4760


Quality & Resolution:

Quality is the factor that makes the biggest impression on any item, and this especially goes for a printer. This concern is doubled when you are doing sublimation printing with it as you want excellent quality on paper and when it is sublimated onto an item. You want the colors to be balanced and expressive, and Epson ET-4760 does not compromise in this aspect when compared to Epson WF-7720 & WF-7710. With the PrecisionCore technology and a resolution of 4800 x1200 dpi, the results are going to be satisfying and worth the money.

Technology: Powered by the featured Epson technology, PrecisionCore technology plays a significant role in the quality of Epson ET-4760 prints.

Resolution: Supporting the advanced technology is the optimized resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi that produces sharp and clean prints.

Flexible Paper Handling:

A printer’s handling of paper sizes, capacity, and types is always a factor that people look into. They always look for a flexible and adaptable printer. Epson ET-4760 is undoubtedly a great and flexible printer in this area. It is compatible with media sizes of up to 8.5 x 47.2 inches. Even though it does not have the wide-format 13 x 19 paper size, you can still use A4, A6, executive, and a few more popular paper sizes.

The input sheet tray Epson ET-4760 comes with has a good capacity of 250 sheets. Plus, space for 10 envelopes is also available. Three main types of paper can be used with Epson ET-4760, including plain paper, Matte paper, and glossy paper.

Compatible Paper Sizes:
  • Executive
  • 8.5″ x 14″
  • 4″ x 6″
  • Half Letter
  • 3.5″ x 5″
  • 5″ x 7″
  • A4 A6
  • 8.5″ x 11″
  • 8″ x 10″
  • User-definable
  • Viable Connectivity Options: (3.5″ x 5″ – 8.5″ x 47″)


There are two parts of the economic aspect of printers. The first one is the price of the printer, and the other is the price of the accessories such as the best sublimation ink, special sublimation paper, etc. These accessories make up for the running costs, and this is the long-term aspect of the budget. The accessory part is even more prominent when it comes to sublimation printing. This is the factor where Epson ET-4760 flexes itself.

The EcoTank system of ET-4760 results in outstanding efficiency in terms of ink costs. This directly impacts the economic side of printing. To put it in perspective, you can save up to 90% on ink costs with low-cost ink bottles instead of expensive ink cartridges. The 2-sided printing feature also helps in reducing the running costs.

Viable Connectivity Options:

Establishing an easy connection between your printer and your device is pretty important. If you are working in an environment where you are using your computer, mobile device or you are looking to create an interconnected set up with other people also working, such as an office place. Epson ET-4760 gives you quite a few options for setting a good connection with your printer. It makes it easy for you to perform the process of editing and printing simultaneously.

You can use the hi-speed USB, Wi-Fi, or Wi-Fi Direct option for a wireless connection which is the new norm and is the most convenient as you are not restricted to a certain place. You can also use the ethernet method. Mobile printing solutions or apps support wireless printing using your device. They give you the tools for easy working and editing.

Connectivity Options:
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • Ethernet speed up to(10/100 Mbps)
  • Hi-Speed USB
  • Wi-Fi 4 (802.11 b/g/n)
Mobile Printing Solutions:

Epson Connect: Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson Scan to Cloud, Epson iPrint App for iOS & Android.

Other Options: Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Android printing, Fire OS Printing.

Good Printing Rate:

The printing speed of the printer dramatically influences the working rate of a printer. For a business environment, it is a good thing to have a printer that can print with at least a decent speed, especially when it comes to sublimation printing, as there are multiple other things you have to perform. Epson ET-4760 has a reasonably decent or good printing speed, which is great for a printer that gives this good quality.

Both black and color prints have different printing speeds. With ISO as the measuring unit of the printing speed, you can print around 15 black and 8 color prints per minute. This speed is a little lower for duplex prints. For black prints, the rate lowers to about 6-7 prints per minute and 5-6 prints per minute for color.

One-Sided Prints (ISO):

➡ Black – 15 prints per minute
Color – 8 prints per minute

2-Sided Prints (ISO):

➡ Black – 6.5 prints per minute
Color – 4.5 prints per minute

Uniquely Keyed Eco-fit auto-stop ink bottles
Uniquely Keyed Eco-fit auto-stop ink bottles


A multifunctional printer is a convenient aspect of a printer. You never know when you may need to copy or scan a document or an image you will be working with. Having a printer that can do copying or scanning of documents and has other minor features that help in the overall printing process is always great. Epson ET-4760 is fully equipped to perform these extra functions and has different additional features to assist and enhance the printing process.

You can copy, scan, and even fax with Epson ET-4760. This makes it a really handful printer. These things can be needed at any time, especially in a business or office environment. Plus, they are done with good quality and are flexible in terms of media sizes. Then you also have the 2-sided printing feature. An automatic document feeder of 30 sheets is another incredible feature to have.


  1. ISO Copy Speed:
    = Black: 11 ISO cpm
    = Color: 5.5 ISO cpm
  2. Maximum Copy Size:
    = 8.5″ x 14″
  3. Hardware Resolution:
    1200 x 2400 dpi
  4. Maximum Resolution:
    9600 dpi interpolated
  5. Scan Bed Size:
    8.5″ x 11.7″
  6. Maximum Scan Area:
    8.5″ x 14″
Inside of an ET-4760
Inside of an ET-4760

Another incredible supportive feature that helps in making your printing easy is the 2.4-inch color display that leads to easy navigation and makes operating the printer a lot more effortless. You can also use the free voice activation feature. Overall a pretty well-rounded printer.

The Pros
  • Ink Tank System instead of ink cartridges
  • Low ink running costs
  • Large ink capacity
  • Wireless Connection
  • It comes with an ample ink bottle supply
  • Multifunctional and supportive features
The Cons
  • Single sheet tray
  • It does not have 13 x 19 as a compatible media size

Converting & Setting Up Epson ET-4760:

As mentioned before, being an Epson printer, Epson ET-4760 needs to undergo a conversion process to be used as a sublimation printer. Every Epson printer is originally an inkjet printer and thus requires conversion. Now, this may seem like a complicated process of conversion, but it has one major step. The main requirement of the conversion is the sublimation ink.

For the printer, it is highly recommended that you use a brand new printer if you are looking to convert an EcoTank printer. With a used EcoTank printer, there is a chance the previous standard ink used may end up mixing with the sublimation ink. You have to prevent the mixing of ink even a little bit because that will destroy the colors. Once you have filled the tanks with the sublimation, you need to set it up and use the ink for sublimation printing.

YouTube video

Epson EcoTank ET- 4760 Vs. Epson Workforce Series:

The two most talked about Epson printer series are Workforce and the EcoTank series. The most significant difference between the printers of these series is the ink system they use. Instead of the traditional ink cartridge system that the workforce series uses, EcoTank printers have a new ink tank system. With the ink tanks, you get a more efficient ink consumption, and this system, combined with the ink bottles, saves you up to 90% in ink costs.

This ink tank system is a major reason why a lot of people may prefer the EcoTank systems. Moreover, the EcoTank is the latest series and is currently the top promoted series by Epson. Epson ET-4760 is one of the finest models of the series, thus a big reason for its popularity as an inkjet printer and a highly recommended choice for beginners of sublimation printing for its budget-friendly usage and price.

Buying Guide – Epson ET – 4760 Sublimation Printer:

A buying guide makes purchasing a lot easier. When you know the factors you have to focus on, you will surely make a better choice as compared to purchasing with the proper knowledge. A guide helps you in making a better final decision and can also impact your budget in a good way. You will most probably get the best printer within your set budget if you know your stuff. This guide is written with Epson ET-4760 as the reference.


A printer’s first impression is its printing quality. This is why it is the first factor anyone looks at until and unless he has some other special priority or a budget influence. Printing quality is primarily controlled by the printer’s resolution and what kind of technology the printer is using. A high resolution means a sharper and cleaner image. The better the quality, the more satisfying the result will be for you.

Golden Factor:

📍 Epson ET-4760 has an incredible printing quality. It has a high resolution of 4800 x 1200 that Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore Technology supports. This well-supported resolution results in high-quality prints from ET-4760, which is what your sublimation business needs.

Printing Rate:

The printing rate can be roughly translated to printing speed. You need a good speed of printing, especially for a business model. Having a printer with at least a fairly decent speed for both black and color prints is what you need. Whether you are buying for an office environment or for a business setup, a printer with a good speed sets up your work. Moreover, in sublimation work, you also need an excellent speedy printer because there is also a lot of other work that needs to be done, so you need to manage your time.

 With Epson ET-4760, you are definitely getting a good printing speed of ISO 15 black prints per minute and ISO 8 color prints in a minute. This quantity in the same time frame is a little lower when it comes to the 2-sided printing, but that is understandable. Speed is not the greatest virtue but indeed a good one for ET-4760.


Budget is a major factor in your purchase. Your budget not only gives you a rough idea that you should be making a choice that prioritizes certain aspects but also eventually leads to a more balanced purchase that is closer to your goals.


Similar to other Epson printers, Epson ET-4760 can be used as a sublimation printer but requires conversion to be used as one. For conversion, you need sublimation ink.

With an ink tank system, you get higher ink capacity that gives you longer uninterrupted printing and lower running costs. Compared to ink cartridges, ink bottles and ink tanks are more budget-friendly and result in low running costs. Ink cartridges are a bit expensive.

Yes, it is possible to convert Epson ET-4760 using sublimation ink. However, it is best to use a brand new printer as it is highly recommended not to use an EcoTank printer that has previously been used with standard ink.

Yes, you can print photos with Epson ET-4760. It is compatible with Photo paper. You can print via Android, iOS, or your PC.

Depends on the condition of the printer and its availability in the market. A new Epson ET-4760 is available in the market at around $499 at the moment.

Unfortunately, Epson ET-4760 is not compatible with these media sizes.


The Epson EcoTank series definitely has some incredible printers, and ET-4760 is one of the most popular ones out there. It indeed produces excellent printing quality and has an ink capacity and yield that suits a small business or office environment. Plus, the multifunctionality, extra supportive features, wireless connectivity, and flexible approach in terms of compatible media size make it an even more incredible printer.

Undoubtedly this printer is a fantastic choice when it comes to sublimation printing, especially for beginners. Hopefully, this review ends up giving you all the essential and significant information you were looking for regarding ET-4760.

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