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Can You Sublimate On Acrylic?

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One of the most sought-after items for customization is acrylics. These glass-like surfaces are highly compatible with the customization, and people love to have edited or fashioned acrylic blanks. They are mostly used as keychains, but there are other ways as well. One popular and easy method of customization is sublimation.

Sublimation is quite the popular printing method nowadays and provides customization for a vast range of items. It is easy to perform and gives you beautiful and vivid results. Our concern today is the sublimation of acrylics. A common query is whether acrylics can be sublimated or not? It is definitely possible and an easy method of customizing your acrylic blank with vivid and beautiful colorful designs and prints.

This article will elaborate on and discuss the query “can you sublimate on Acrylic?”

Acrylic Sublimation & Its Possibility:

As talked about in the opening part of the article, acrylic sublimation is not only possible but is also the best method for acrylic customization. The results are sharp and vivid with a colorful representation of the print. Sublimation provides an excellent base for designing and modeling your acrylic keychains. Acrylic sublimation is an incredible application of sublimation printing.

Needs Of Acrylic Sublimation:

Acrylic sublimation is not easy just because of the simple procedure but also the easily accessible items. You do not need a lot of heavy or large numbers of accessories and items for sublimating acrylic blanks.

Sublimation Printer: 

Sublimation printers are the basic need for any sublimation. A quality sublimation printer means quality sublimation prints and results. With the best sublimation printer, your acrylic sublimation will reach satisfactory levels.

Acrylic Blanks:

Acrylic blanks are readily available online. Multiple top online stores and markets have a great range of acrylic blanks. Transparent, white, and multiple-color acrylic blanks are available at great prices.

Sublimation Ink & Paper:

Includes items and accessories such as sublimation ink and sublimation paper. Similar to sublimation printers, they are the basics of sublimation printing.

Heat Press Machine:

A heat press machine is vital for the proper and correct pressing of the print on to acrylic blank. The heat press plays a huge role in the perfect sublimation.

Sublimation Accessories:

Items such as Teflon/butcher sheets and heat tape are part of this list. Vinyl is also an accessory part of sublimation. You can use vinyl for a more solid sublimation.

Briefing On How To Sublimate On Acrylic:

The following is a simple and direct description of how to sublimate on acrylic sublimation:

Step 1: Print out your image on the sublimation paper according to your acrylic blank. Remove any coverings or plastics on the acrylic blank.

Step 2: You can use vinyl on transparent acrylic to help give it a visible base. On pure white acrylic, this is not needed. Colorful vinyl is also great for translucent vinyl.

Step 3: Tape your sublimation paper and the acrylic blank with the print side facing the acrylic surface.

Step 4: Now, place the acrylic blank on the heat press machine. Use heat tape and Teflon sheets for protection from direct heat. Press with medium pressure at 350-390 celsius.

Step 5: Once the press is complete, carefully pick the sublimated acrylic and remove the tape and paper. The residual paper on the blank can easily be removed using a water sponge or magic eraser. Your acrylic sublimation is complete.

You can read our specific article on Acrylic Sublimation for a more detailed procedure.

Can Sublimate On White Acrylic Paint?

Yes, you can white acrylic paint is mainly used to cover a colored acrylic. White color has a more expressive base for prints and colors. White acrylic paint provides an excellent base for vibrant printing on the acrylic. Sublimating on the white acrylic paint is definitely possible. The method is pretty much similar to typical sublimation on acrylic.

Use transparent vinyl on the painted acrylic before sublimating is best. This will protect against direct contact with the acrylic paint and heat from the sublimation, which can damage the paint.

Can You Sublimate On Clear Acrylic:

Clear acrylic blanks, just like any acrylic blank, are sublimatable. You can sublimate on them either directly or by applying vinyl first and then sublimating. The only setback you may face is the appearance and expression of print colors.

The transparency of the acrylic may cause the colors or the design of certain light color prints to appear less clear. You can avoid it by pressing a colorful vinyl or sublimate on the clear acrylic directly, which is still a pretty viable option.

Can You Sublimate On Acrylic Tumblers:

Yes you can, tumblers are a very in-demand item for customization. Like any compatible tumbler, acrylic tumblers can also be sublimated. The sublimation procedure is similar to how you sublimate on a standard tumbler. For details on how to sublimate tumblers, you can read our article on sublimation tumblers.

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Skylights and trade fair displays are made of extruded acrylic, a low-cost solid plastic. Cast acrylic provides better optical clarity and thermal stability than extruded plastic. As a result, acrylic sublimation is not a feasible option.

Extruded acrylic is not a good sublimation substrate. Extruded acrylic is prone to damage during the heat transfer process due to its inability to withstand high temperatures and pressure. As a result, it is recommended that cast acrylic be used in the sublimation process.

Final Words:

Acrylics have an incredible base for sublimation printing. They are heavily compatible with the customization, and what better way than sublimation for editing. Making your acrylic keychains attractive is made easy with sublimation printing. The sublimation is possible on all forms of acrylic blanks. From white to transparent and colorful blanks, sublimation is compatible for all.

You can use vinyl for transparent or lightly colored acrylic to make the print more visible. The vinyl gives an extra element to acrylic sublimation. Overall, acrylic sublimation is an incredible way to give your acrylic-based items a fashionable look. Hopefully, with this article, you can get a proper answer to your question, “can you sublimate on acrylic?”

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