About Us

A word from our C.E.O

            Buying tech products is never an easy task. With so many brands and models, picking the right items that hit the right spot in terms of your requirements can be a daunting task.

For instance, picking a printer that suits your purpose, gives printing results that are desirable, and is compatible with other accessories such as ink and paper is hard especially with the flood of brands and printer versions available in the market.

            This is why we at Hodino decided to step in and help you in picking the right products. Putting our experience and in-depth analysis of printers and other items on display, we are here with one big goal of creating a guide towards the right items which suit you and your needs.


         We are a freshly established site with a three men cell working behind the screens. Being surrounded by technology from a young age, we have gained a lot of experience over time and we finally decided to put it out there.

          For us, quality matters more than anything. Any product that we use is properly researched and all its knowledge and features provided are verified. These reviews are completely unbiased as we are not sponsored by a brand or company. All of our earning is through affiliate links.

            Everything is first checked and compared with all the other competitors that are in the market and then the best of the best are selected. This in-depth analysis of each item helps us in putting out the products that not only clear our high merits of selection but are products which have been satisfying their customers over the years.

           With each review, a buying guide is also included to help you understand the factors which lead to the best purchase. Certain Products are also labeled. The best of the lot according to the chief of the editor is named as the editor’s choice and the one which is the most pocket friendly is labeled best budget item.

Our Aims:

Why are we serving you?

          We as a team have set out with an aim to build a trustworthy place for people to visit and get to know about the product they are looking for in the best way possible.

We aim for you to have a place that can provide you with a detailed review of the products with all their major features explained so that you can make a choice which is best for you.

Aim #01:

We will do our best to stay true to our aim and keep providing you with the best content.

Aim #02:

           With this big dream in mind, we are going to move forward and put all of our efforts into giving you reviews and informative articles that you can easily understand and make the best use of them.

Why Trust Us:

               Trust is something that is built over time with genuine efforts and work that gives positive results. We look to build this trust with each and every one of you. But for this trust to begin, we also need your trust and support.

As we are also seen on some of the renowned brands over the world.

           To give you the best of services, each product reviewed has undergone testing, research, comparisons, customer reviews, and even the feedback that local sellers have gotten from these products. This is done to provide you with products that are worth your time and money. 

          All this effort is to make sure you get the best review about the particular product and through this effort of ours, we will definitely build a strong relationship of trust with each of you which will keep on growing.

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